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Social Media

Included in this forum are links to all of our social media platforms.

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By Firestorm <Retired Staff Member> 26/11/2017 04:18:05

Rules & Regulations

For the best experience in this community, read and abide by these guidelines.

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By Viarax <Director, Development> 21/10/2017 04:32:28

Change Logs

All changes and updates to Neverendless-WoW are posted here so everyone can stay updated on all the improvements, courtesy of our Developers.

In Changelog March 19, 2018

By Lornhane <Administrative Assistant> 20/03/2018 06:38:42


Chat about trade secrets and talk strategy about the character classes.

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By Merek <User> 02/03/2018 06:12:22


Kick back and have fun talking about Neverendless and World of Warcraft!

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By janecarter <User> 28/09/2023 10:43:14


Anything that is not World of Warcraft related.

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By Jayzzz <User> 28/09/2023 10:22:00


Learn about and discuss all events that will be hosted.

In Cross-faction Raid on December 9th 2017

By Crazyspirit <User> 19/05/2018 11:25:26