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Changelog January 15, 2018
Changelog January 15, 2018


Administrative Assistant


  • Updates to Donation system
  • Website commands
  • Added Image BBCODE
  • Forum editor always %100 Width
  • Pinned Items now show
  • Fix change password from Admin Panel
  • Fixed various typos in Donate section
  • Added new Administrative Tools
  • Fixed Vote Point Distribution System
  • Fixed Forum post edit system
  • Created login system for Evolution-WoW players
  • Preparations to add third vote site (Gtop100)
  • Added Rules & Terms of Service Pages
  • Added Ban Alert to account panel so players may see if their account is banned or not.
  • Added system to send e-mail to player when account is banned.
  • Started project for making website mobile friendly.


  • Fixed Profession Spells Loading
  • Merge with Evolution-WoW

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