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Changelog Dec 17, 2017
Changelog Dec 17, 2017


Administrative Assistant


  • Added Discord status
  • Fixed password change script
  • Fixed logout
  • Started installation of new WYSIWYG Editor for Blogs/Forums
  • Updates to various back-end tools.



  • Fix no collision triangle
  • Waypoint movement
  • Prevent Alliance from interacting with a Horde Only object quest giver.
  • Fixed some node positions
  • Various DB Error Fixes
  • Various Map Fixes
  • Fixed Various Memory leaks.
  • Fixed sending unlocked items by mail
  • Fixed Auction Bidders
  • Death Knight area rework


  • Implement chance to turn player into rabbit with Brightly Colored Egg
  • Scripted Egg Transformation for Brightly Colored Egg
  • Fixed issues with Midsummer’s Ribbon Pole
  • Make Booty Bay Bruisers turn into Drunken Bruisers during New Year’s Eve.


  • Sheath of Light - overheal scaling fix
  • Channeled Auras are not saved.
  • Fixed issues related with Devouring Flame


  • Fixed availablilty of Fei Fei Doggy Treat
  • Limit usage of Gorth’s Torch to proper areas
  • Fixed item text for Damp Diary Page (Day 4) and (Day 512)
  • Fixed loot from Message in a Bottle
  • Added Missing Rares in Arathi Highlands.

Fixed levels for following creatures:

  • Yor <Void Hound of Shaffar>
  • Durnholde Sentry
  • Infinite Slayer
  • Infinite Defiler
  • Infinite Saboteur
  • Durnholde Tracking Hound
  • Lordaeron Sentry
  • Lordaeron Watchman
  • Pit Spectator
  • Durnholde Rifleman
  • Tarren Mill Lookouk
  • Tarren Mill Protector
  • Durnholde Cook
  • Orc Prisoner
  • Durnholde Mage
  • Durnholde Veteran
  • Thrall (Caverns of Time)
  • Sethekk Guard
  • Avian Darkhawk
  • Sethekk Prophey
  • Time-Lost Scryer
  • Sethekk Talon Lord
  • Auchenai Monk
  • Raging Skeleton
  • Auchenai Necromancer
  • Tortured Skeleton
  • Cabal Deathsworn
  • Cabal Acolyte
  • Caval Ritualist
  • Bloodwarder Physician
  • Sunseeker Astromage
  • Arcatraz Defender
  • Arcatraz Warder
  • Paelarin
  • Added missing Riplash Sirens
  • Fixed class for Yor and Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker

The following now using SmartAI Scripts

  • Scholazar Basin NPCS
  • Pilgrim Gal’ressa
  • Taleris Dawngzer
  • Magistrix Carinda
  • Ragged John
  • Black Temple NPCs
  • The Barren’s NPCs
  • Feralas
  • Razorfen Kraul NPCs
  • Icefang
  • Erratic Sentry
  • Sethekk Halls NPCs
  • Stonetalon Mountains NPC
  • J.D. Collie
  • Terokkar Forest NPCs
  • Arikara
  • Grenka Bloodscreech

Other Creature/NPC fixes

  • Bloodmoon Cultist Spawns
  • Set Prepared weapon for npcs using waypoints
  • Gossip for Orbaz Bloodbane
  • Change say for yell for Highlord Darion Mograin
  • Scarlet Captain NPCs should now be mounted
  • Low health texts for Scarlet Peasants added
  • Guard Untula is now a female.
  • Gossip for Herald Amorlin
  • Fixed on-death behavior for Bonestripper Vulture and Bonestripper Buzzard
  • Fixed emotes used by chicken critters.
  • Spawn Timmy the cruel if proper conditions are met.
  • Fixed formations for Ruuzel
  • Fixed emote and gossip for Privateer Groy
  • Fixed Jorn Skyseer
  • Removed wrong lashtails spawns in the Barrens
  • Fixed charge behavior on Illidan Encounter
  • Gossip for Maggran Esrthbinder
  • Gossip for Mor’rogal
  • Text for Hezrul Bloodmark
  • Text for Cannoneer Smythe and Cannoneer Whessan
  • Waypoints for Rocklance
  • Waypoints for Wooly Kodo
  • Fixed Tsunaman
  • Fixed Troll Roof Stalker
  • Fixed Baron Rivendare Mount and Aura
  • Gossip for Valusha
  • Waypoints for Motega Firemane
  • Waypoints fir Achellios the Banished
  • Fixed Price Valanar movements in DK starting area.
  • Fixed Gregory Tabor double spawn
  • Fixed Scourging Crystal
  • Fixed Stormwind Guard Position
  • Fixed Naia
  • Fixed text for “Stinky” Ignatz
  • Fixed missing text for Wilfred Fizzlebang
  • Tower of the Damned Waypoints/spawn


  • Intro event for Brothers in Death
  • Intro event for Scarlet Armies Approach
  • Fixed phase for The Death Knights of Archerus
  • Cosmetic detail for Service of the Lich King
  • Cosmetic fixes for Towers of Certain Doom
  • Intro event for The Thandol Span
  • Cosmetic fixes for Gruesome, But Necessary
  • Improve end event for Goblin Invaders
  • Improve events for Rite of Vision (Part 2 and 3)
  • The Earthern Oath - Fixed Warder ability spell.
  • Fixed Echeyakee
  • Fixed Isha Awak Outro Event
  • Fixed Samophlange (Part 2)
  • Fixed The Mind’s Eye Outro Event
  • Fixed The End of the Deserters
  • Fixed The Elder Crone
  • Fixed Forsaken Aid
  • Fixed Blood of Innocents
  • Fixed Return to Thunderbluff
  • Quest Emotes for The Barrens.
  • Fixed A Gift for the Warchief
  • Fixed Unexpected Results
  • Fixed Spy Hunter
  • Fixed To Stars’ Rest
  • Fixed To Rule the Skies
  • Fixed Latent Power
  • Fixed Oh Noes, The Tadpoles!
  • Fixed Mission Eternal Flame
  • Outro Event for Chieftain Oomooroo
  • Fixed Boulderslide Ravine
  • Fixed Cycle of Rebirth
  • Fixed Samophlange outro event timer
  • Fixed Homeward Bound
  • Fixed Sacred Fire
  • Fixed The Tear of the Moons
  • Improvements for Stop the Ascension!
  • Fixed The Troll Witchdoctor
  • Fixed Parts for Jravel
  • Fixed Indurium
  • Fixed Dream Dust in the Swamp
  • Fixed News for Fizzle
  • Fixed Zanzil’s Mixture and a Fool’s Stout
  • Fixed Get the Gnomes Drunk & Get the Goblins Drunk


  • Added Public Commands to GM bot
  • !bugs – gives links to bug report pages
  • !commands – shows list of GM Bot commands
  • !realmlist – Displays current realmlist
  • !connect - Link to connection guide
  • !armory character arthas <character name>
  • shows armory info for given character

To submit bug reports use one of the following links:

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